Sports for Good

Sports for Good is a private initiative started by Darko Pavic and his family members. During last years Pavic family has done a lot of humanitarian projects related to children and their wellbeing.

“There is so much that all of us could do to make the world better place. We decided to do our part as much as we can.” Mara Pavic (14)

Putting smile on just one face is already big success!

“We are looking for the projects in which we can provide our skills in order to help. The projects that we choose are always related to children and their wellbeing.” Darko Pavic

Today, thanks to Service Plus company, Sports for Good is taking one step further.

Service Plus has been the major Sports for Good sponsor since 2017. If you want to learn more about Service Plus company, visit

Everyone who want to enjoy Service Plus in Sports for Good, can visit menu Sponsors.

The core of Sports for Good remains sports activities and with those activities we want to help children who need our help.

And the biggest reward that you can get out of those projects are smiles of the happy children.

Sometimes it is just small thing that you do but the happiness that you cause is endless!


Recent News



We are very sad but we had to stop our support in Dhaka

After 3 years of continuous support we had to stop the sponsoring of the last child in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since ...
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Prevent violence with martial arts in Hamburg, Germany

On December 9th Service Plus Group as major driver will be starting a very special project in Germany: “Lurup Dragons” ...
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Action against Child Exploitation

In all our charity activities we try to support and help children in need. We fight for their rights, we ...
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Sponsorship does not only mean to pay school fees

Taking responsibility of school fees is just one part of the sponsorship which is usually required if you support some ...
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We support now just 1 child in Bangladesh

Unfortunately we had to stop the support of two of the kids in Bangladesh we supported. It is very difficult ...
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Km for Africa – Why did I stop the project?

The project was very simple: I run the Kilimanjaro Marathon and for each km that I run during the preparation ...
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Spikes for talents in Sarajevo

During our time in Dubai we had the great opportunity to organize donation of 82 pairs of spikes. The running ...
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km for Africa

Totally in the spirit of „Sports for Good“ I am starting a new project. I will prepare to run the ...
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Our second trip to Dhaka

Just 6 month ago Mara and me have bern to Dhaka. Now, only a few days ago, we went there ...
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Toys and sweets for refuge children

A spontaneous action in humanity to start the new year with doing something good to people in need Mateo, Sofija, ...
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