Action against Child Exploitation


    In all our charity activities we try to support and help children in need. We fight for their rights, we fight against poverty and child work. That’s why we are always looking to help and to support charities with similar backgrounds.

    One of such charities is “Action against Child Exploitation”. This charity organization has been working since years on solving social issues related to human rights of children and youth around the world. Mostly they are active in India and Ghana. This is also one of the official charities which are part of the “Run with Heart” initiative of Tokyo Marathon.

    Perfect for us to support.

    I decided to run the Tokyo Marathon next year in March as a charity runner.

    To get a spot of a charity runner is as problematical as getting a spot by lottery. There are thousands of runners who would like to take part in the marathon but there is only a limited quantity of runners who can become accepted.

    I was lucky enough (again after also getting a spot at the Chicago Marathon) to be accepted as a charity runner.

    I am running for the charity  “Action against Child Exploitation” and I will be happy to raise as much funds as possible for them.

    Just for the beginning I donated 790 Euros and I hope to be able to collect much more donations.

    To donate and support me and the charity  “Action against Child Exploitation” please go to