Sponsorship does not only mean to pay school fees


    Taking responsibility of school fees is just one part of the sponsorship which is usually required if you support some children in developing countries.

    Besides that there are always related costs where support is definitely need. These are for example school books, school uniforms, shoes and lots of other needed thinks.

    We are giving our best to cover as much of those costs as possible.

    Just recently we send to Ridon, the boy that we are supporting around 8900 taka (equal to 100 Euro) for  the following supplies:


    books 1200
    shoes (1 pair) 800
    t-shirts (3-4) 1500
    trousers (2-3 pairs ) 600
    underwear (6-8 pairs) 400
    Have some fun with your best friend, go to cinema, eat popcorn and have a coke 🙂 4486


    I am sure that he will be most happy about the last point.

    The most important part of supporting the children is to make them happy.

    They have already enough trouble in life. They should be happy at least just for a moment.