We are very sad but we had to stop our support in Dhaka


    After 3 years of continuous support we had to stop the sponsoring of the last child in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Since 2017 we unfortunately had to manage all local activities remotely from Germany by ourselves. Since then there was no charity organization available in Dhaka taking on-site care of the child we supported.

    We tried very hard to make it work but we were not successful.

    The biggest problem was to deal with decisions made without involving us personally. And some of these were really big decisions. For example the decision to change the school.

    Overall we experienced that local on-site support, somebody who is taking care for daily happenings in the life of those children is absolutely necessary. That is the only way the children can be directed and kept on the right path.

    Without this support the children will go their own way – even if there are sponsors paying for education. On top, cultural differences do not make it easier…

    Unfortunately we learned that this care and lead of children in right direction can be provided only locally and never from another country which is several thousand kilometer away. After numerous Skype calls, WhattsApp messages and emails we realized, that we cannot provide any assistance on a decision made in the child’s family. We – for example – sent money for underwear, school uniforms and shoes to buy for school – but it was spent on a football dress and other things we didn’t agree about before the money was spent.

    By this experience we decided that all our future charity projects have to have:

    • a charity with clear responsibilities and activities on our site
    • a clear start and clear end of the project

    We are very sad that we were forced to make such a decision and we hope that Ridon can find his way back to  MCF charity as this was promised to us.