About Sports for Good

Sports for Good started as private initiative by Darko Pavic and his family — years ago.

Pavic family have started up Sports for Good because they have thought that it’s wrong to avert your eyes from people in need just because they dont play a part in your live.

All those people matter and deserve help if they need it. Even if you don’t immediatly notice them, they still deserve help, it doesnt matter where in the world they are.

We only have one world, we all are one big family, all people in the world and we have to help each other. That’s how Sports for Good started.

In 2017. Sports for Good become Service Plus’s humanitarian initiative. All Sports for Good projects will be financed by Service Plus Group.

Service Plus Group, as international company, with clients all over the world want to help to those who need help, especially children. With sport activities Service Plus Group and it’s employees will help as much as they can.

We strongly believe that everybody can do something. And even the smallest help is better then no help at all.

Finally, the right world in our eyes is a world in which following statement is valid for everyone: the more you can do, the more you should do

We are sure that we can change the world, if everyone does even a little bit.