Running shoes for athletes in need

A very nice project, mostly done by Sofija.

She is running for the great athletic club “Ultimate Athletics UAE” in Dubai. The club’s main sponsor is Saucony.
Saucony decided to donate athletic running shoes, means spikes, to runners in need.

This was like an alert for Sofija to join the project and to take the responsibility to bring some of the running shoes to one of our home countries, to Bosnia.

We consider also Bosnia as one of our home countries as it was part of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia where I am from.

Together we were able to find the athletic club and established the communication.

The athletic club is “AK Sarajevo”, based in Sarajevo the Capital of Bosnia.

Saucony donated 82 pairs of spikes, 23 of them are now going to Sarajevo and the others will reach runners in Uganda and in Sri Lanka.

After some time traveling from UAE to Sarajevo the spikes reached the target.

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