We are very sad but we had to stop our support in Dhaka

After 3 years of continuous support we had to stop the sponsoring of the last child in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Since ...
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Prevent violence with martial arts in Hamburg, Germany

On December 9th Service Plus Group as major driver will be starting a very special project in Germany: “Lurup Dragons” ...
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Action against Child Exploitation

In all our charity activities we try to support and help children in need. We fight for their rights, we ...
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Sponsorship does not only mean to pay school fees

Taking responsibility of school fees is just one part of the sponsorship which is usually required if you support some ...
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We support now just 1 child in Bangladesh

Unfortunately we had to stop the support of two of the kids in Bangladesh we supported. It is very difficult ...
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Km for Africa – Why did I stop the project?

The project was very simple: I run the Kilimanjaro Marathon and for each km that I run during the preparation ...
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Spikes for talents in Sarajevo

During our time in Dubai we had the great opportunity to organize donation of 82 pairs of spikes. The running ...
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km for Africa

Totally in the spirit of „Sports for Good“ I am starting a new project. I will prepare to run the ...
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Our second trip to Dhaka

Just 6 month ago Mara and me have bern to Dhaka. Now, only a few days ago, we went there ...
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Toys and sweets for refuge children

A spontaneous action in humanity to start the new year with doing something good to people in need Mateo, Sofija, ...
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CrossFit community has a big heart

Christmastime is the time of giving. But this is true only if you have a big heart! CrossFit Wuppertal in ...
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New project: Running shoes for athletes in need

We are currently working on a very nice project, mostly done by Sofija. As Saucony GCC decided to donate athletic ...
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Maria Cristina Foundation Award

We are so happy and proud that we got an award from the Maria Cristina Foundation. We got the award ...
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If somebody may ask how our trip to Dhaka was

We are sitting in the plane and talking about out trip to Dhaka. We are trying to summarize the experiences ...
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Sometimes little things can make you happy for a quite long time. One child we support, Zakia, seem very sad ...
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Trip to Kaskura Nodi

Our plan for today was to continue the distribution of the presents and rewards. We started in the morning, but ...
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Eid Mubarak

Today is Eid and the whole city is very festive. People are spending time with families and friends. And even ...
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The saddest boy ever

I didn’t expect to be woken by the sounds of rickshaw bells, goats and birds. But our first morning in ...
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Travelling to Dhaka

As we started helping the Maria Cristina Foundation (MCF), we knew that we would visit Dhaka in the near future ...
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Dhaka second try

Due to security reason we had to postpone our trip to Dhaka. Originally, we were planning to travel there about ...
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In the news

I am quite happy that the school recently recieved a visit from a local TV station. They were interested in ...
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Directly from the gym in Serbia

We almost finished our work in the primary school in Novi Sad, Serbia. To be honest, we were certain that ...
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