442 ride to change

From supporting each other to humanitarian action.

“Two months ago, it wouldn’t have occurred to me that I would be able to train 5 times a week or cover 60 km within 3 hours.” – said Tijana Milojevic

For the sake of a higher goal, these girls decided to beat themselves and to try to change the world a little bit. 442 ride aims to promote challenges through physical activity as an opportunity for people to move each other and thus work on healthy values and instilling faith that physical activity and joint association is an opportunity to change the world for the better. The task that these two heroines set for themselves is to cross the road from Novi Sad to Zagreb by bicycle in 7 days!

Two months ago this idea started with the huge support in our company – Service Plus (mother company) and Fiscal Solutions (daughter company). As a company that loves challenges but also helps others we enthusiastically supported this action and automatically raised it to a higher level!

Service Plus Group and Fiscal Solutions are companies that have been participating in various humanitarian actions for a long time. We are the members of “Vitezovi osmeha” and so we regularly give our equipment to children who need it and do not have the means to afford it.

What would happen if everyone took the first step and made some change for the better? We want to try to change the world at least a little for the better because we deserve it, and so do our children!

When we heard about Tijana’s and Natasa’s idea we were so excited, and we approved it immediately!

Actually, this time we’ve had a great idea! We decided to support Natasa and Tijana with trainings in the company, a car that will accompany them along the way and the organization of accommodation! But we forgot to mention the most important thing in the whole idea! Company will provide 5 euros for each kilometer they cross!

So.. If Natasa and Tijana cross 442 km in 7 days, company will give 2.210 euros in charity! The idea evolved into a good deed, and that’s not all!

“Service Plus Group” with her daughter company “Fiscal Solutions” actually motivated other companies to get involved (Invictabike, Nike, Sport Vision, Decathlon, Capriolo..)!

And from idea to idea, there is one more interesting thing! Money they collect is directly connected with bank account of Humanitarian organization named “Čepom do osmeha” and will be transferred to help a child with a disability to provide an aid that will make his life easier!


On May 15, Natasa and Tijana will set off on a bicycle 442 km from Novi Sad to Zagreb to collect as much money as possible for each kilometer, which should be donated by Fiscal Solutions and every other socially responsible companies and individuals who will donate to humanitarian organizations.

And one more thing! Natasa and Tijana will sell the equipment they’ve got at auction and all the money will also go to charity! How great is that!

We would like to use this opportunity to call on everyone to unite in this action and help those who need help! Let’s all look up at these brave girls and company Fiscal Solutions!

If you want to participate get in touch with this great ladies @442ridetochange.

“Handicap exists only in the head of people who have no other problems than the problems of being trapped in their excuses.”