Art Exhibition “Slum Child”

I am sure that many people would help immediately if they would know how difficult some people´s lives are. It is especially like that if we are talking about countries which are not that well known for others. For example Bangladesh. To be honest, in Europe most people don’t even know that this country does exist.

This means that the first step towards helping children in Bangladesh is to make the situation visible to people who could help.

With this project I want to reach exactly that. I want to touch the feelings and to raise awareness.

In 15 short stories told by a 9 year old boy living with his family in the slums of Dhaka I want to show the country`s reality. Every story is accompanied by photographies created in Dhaka, showing the real situation very clearly. These 15 stories with photos will be displayed in an art exhibition. The art exhibition “Slum Child” will be organized in Europe.

All displayed items will be also published in a photo book which can be bought during or after the exhibition. We will support 3 languages: English, German and Serbian. All proceeds from the exhibitions and the sold books will be donated to the children from the slums of Dhaka.

The first exhibition should be put in summer 2019.