Our second trip to Dhaka

    Just 6 month ago Mara and me have bern to Dhaka. Now, only a few days ago, we went there again.  Lots of things seemed already very familiar to us and we recognized many people we met first time.

    We were happy to be there again.

    Last time we were not able to finish our work and to take all pictures that we needed for our book. So we knew that we would come back again to continue our work and to visit all those nice children.


    But especially we are very happy that we could meet the children we support: Ridwan, Zakia and Chadni.

    As they were performing very good at school we decided to bring them some presents. We went also for shopping with each child and bought some stuff that they need like T-shirts, shoes, socks, books and pens. The budget for shopping was around 75 USD.



    face-chadniDSC_0453 face-chadniDSC_0502

    But I am sure one of the best parts of our visit for the children was when we went to the cinema. Some of them never visited a cinema before. So it was really exciting for them.

    fac-gDSC_0018 fac-gDSC_0026

    In order to support their families we decided also to give 100 USD to each family. If you consider that these families are really poor this is a great financial help for them.

    Our third target of our visit to Dhaka was to bring the donated money to the Cambrian School. Athletes of the Crossfit Wuppertal gym donated 1300 USD for the support of education of the children from the slums of Dhaka.

    We brought this money directly to the school.

    We are now back to Dubai and we have to sort many of impressions that we got.

    Let’s see if we were able to take enough photos for the project “Slum Kid” this time.

    I hope that we did not and that we will have to travel there again very soon.